China Brotsky

China Brotsky


* Environmental activist and nonprofit organization director
* Co-founder of Environmentalists Against War
* Director of Special Projects for the Tides Foundation and Tides Center

China Brotsky holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Golden Gate University. After completing her formal education, she worked for six years as a public accountant and as Deputy Director of Finance & Administration at the Exploratorium Science Museum in San Francisco.

In 1990 Brotsky  joined the Tides Center, where she went on to serve stints as Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President. Also during her tenure at Tides, Brotsky: (a) managed the restoration and development of the Thoreau Center for Sustainability, a San Francisco-based nonprofit entity that housed the offices of the Tides Center, the Tides Foundation, Environmental Media Services, the United Religions Initiative, and the International Forum on Globalization; (b) served as Managing Director of Tides’s “Shared Spaces” program; (c) was a Board of Directors member of the Tides Center project CorpWatch, which seeks to investigate and expose “corporate violations of human rights, environmental crimes, fraud and corruption around the world”; (d) was the Founding Executive Director of, a website created by Drummond Pike to facilitate online charitable contributions to left-wing causes; and (e) chaired the Advisory Board of the Transactional Resource and Action Center, a Tides Center project.

From 1996-2008, Brotsky served on the Board of Directors of the Political Ecology Group, a Bay Area-based environmental-justice organization which she co-founded.

As of 2000, Brotsky was a was a Board of Directors member with Greenpeace.

In the early to mid-2000s, she served on the Steering Committee of Environmentalists Against War.

From 2004-18, Brotsky served variously as a Board member, Treasurer, and Grants Policy Committee member with the Global Greengrants Fund, a public charity that issues small grants to support environmental-action projects in the developing world.

In 2007, she was listed as a donor to the DataCenter, an Oakland, California-based activist library and publication center with close ties to Communist Cuba.[1]

In 2009, Brotsky was a financial supporter of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland.

From 2010-12, she served on the Board of Directors of the Community Investment Support Fund (CISF), a Detroit-based entity that seeks to leverage capital for nonprofit arts and social services organizations.

From 2011-13, Brotsky sat on the Steering Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Education Committee of Mission Investors Exchange, an organization through which philanthropic innovators exchange ideas and tools in an effort to increase the impact of their capital.

Since 2013, Brotsky has served on both the Board of Directors and the Personnel Committee of the ACLU of Northern California. Since 2014, she has been a Board Member with the Nonprofit Centers Network, an umbrella group for nonprofit real-estate practitioners. 

Since 2016, Brotsky has been a Board Member and Treasurer with And since 2017, she has been a Board Member and Treasurer with Oasis Legal Services, a nonprofit organization that provides immigration-related legal services for “LGBTQIA+ immigrants.”

In July 2019, Brotsky used her Twitter account to speak out against the allegedly poor conditions in which illegal aliens were being detained by U.S. authorities near America’s southern border. Moreover, she went to the offices of Senator Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Nancy Pelosi to “demand [that] they do something real to close the [detention] camps.”

In addition to what has been cited thus far, Brotsky also served for some time on: (a) the Advisory Board of the Coalition for International Justice, a non-profit organization “working to support the international war crimes tribunals for Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia,” and (b) the Board of Directors of the Global Greengrants Fund, a grant-making organization which believes that “solutions to environmental harm and social injustice come from people whose lives are most impacted.”[2]


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