Becky Thompson



  • Openly lesbian feminist professor
  • Member of the anti-Israeli group DukeDivest
  • In 2003, invited domestic terrorist Laura Whitehorn to speak to students

Becky Thompson is an openly lesbian, feminist professor of sociology at Simmons College in Massachusetts. She also recently spent time as a visiting professor in Duke University’s Department of African and African American studies. While there, she became a member of DukeDivest, which describes itself as “a group of concerned students, faculty, staff, and alumni calling upon Duke University to [support their cause to] end all military ties to the state of Israel.” DukeDivest’s precepts are strewn with inaccurate information regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict; the group sides solely with the Palestinians, despite their ongoing use of terrorism against Israeli civilians.

Thompson created controversy in 2003 when she invited convicted terrorist Laura Whitehorn to give a lecture about the AIDS epidemic in prisons to her “Teaching Race, Teaching Gender” class. Whitehorn was sentenced to 23 years in prison (though she was granted an early clemency by President Clinton) for her role in the 1983 planting of a bomb in the U.S. Capitol Building to protest America’s invasion of Grenada.

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