Amy Pritchard

Amy Pritchard


* Democratic political consultant

Amy Pritchard is a Democratic political consultant and entrepreneur. She entered the realm of politics in 1988 as an organizer for the presidential campaign of Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis. From 1990-95, Pritchard was a field director and campaign manager for a number of congressional, state senate, and mayoral Democratic candidates in California, Florida, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Her most prominent employer was Ann Richards, who served as Texas Governor from 1991-95.

In 1996 Pritchard worked in California as a consultant for the Human Rights Campaign, the Pro-Choice Resource Center, and the Service Employees International Union. In 1997-98 she was the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Midwest/Northeast regional political director. And in February 1999 she founded the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, where she went on to serve as president for the next three years.

In March 1999 Pritchard began an eight-year stint as vice president of Mammen Pritchard, a political consulting firm that provided Democratic and progressive clients with persuasion direct mail and campaign-consulting services. Among these clients were the AFL-CIO, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, the Democratic National Committee, and EMILY’s List.

Since January 2003, Pritchard has headed the political consulting firm AP Campaigns, whose mission is to provide leadership, business-development, and client-management services to Democratic and progressive organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

In June 2003 Pritchard founded Democratic GAIN, an association that provides training, networking, career-support, and job-placement services for “Democratic and Progressive political professionals.”

From November 2003 to December 2004, Pritchard took a leave of absence from her consulting work to serve as political director of the Democratic National Committee.

In March 2007 Pritchard became chief executive of the Washington, DC office of Mission Control Inc. (MCI), a firm providing persuasion direct mail, new-media services, and campaign consulting to Democratic candidates and party committees, trade associations, labor unions, public-interest groups, and progressive initiative-and-referendum campaigns. Noteworthy clients of MCI include the AFSCME, the AFL-CIO, America Votes, Change To Win, EMILY’s List, the Michigan Coalition for Progress, the Service Employees International Union, the United Food and Commercial Workers International, USAction, and Working America.

From January to July of 2011, Pritchard was the National Democratic Institute’s (NDI) resident country director stationed in Rwanda, where she managed political party programs geared toward developing youth leadership. For the remainder of that year, she served as NDI’s senior program manager in Egypt, creating and directing a large-scale, multimedia voter-education program focused on the nation’s parliamentary elections in the aftermath of the revolution that had ousted longtime president Hosni Mubarak. Also during her professional career, Pritchard has consulted for NDI in such far-flung locations as Burma, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya, the Netherlands, and Thailand.

In addition to her consulting work, Pritchard today serves as treasurer of Ameripac, Democratic Congressman Steny Hoyer’s Leadership Political Action Committee. She is also the secretary-treasurer of American Family Voices, whose founder and president is the longtime activist Mike Lux.

Over the years, Pritchard has contributed money to the campaigns of numerous Democratic political candidates and leftwing organizations. Among the recipients of her donations have been Tammy Baldwin, Hillary Clinton, Richard Gephardt, John Kerry, Mary Landrieu, Barbara Mikulski, Barack Obama, Ken Salazar, 21st Century Democrats, EMILY’s List, and the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.

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