Adli Sadeq

Adli Sadeq


* Deputy Foreign Minister of the Palestinian Authority
* Believes the War on Terror is a pretext for the U.S. to seize Middle East land and oil reserves
* Has said that the U.S. will be forced to extricate itself from the Iraq War “only as a defeated, stinking loser”

Adli Sadeq currently serves as the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Palestinian Authority (PA). He also writes a daily column in the PA newspaper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, a forum that has given voice to his radical anti-Israel, anti-American views. Sadeq believes that the ultimate objective of America’s military engagements in Iraq and Afghansistan is not to combat terrorism, but rather to seize land and power – “the building of an American empire, with imperialistic goals disguised as a war on terrorism.” Sadeq has warned President Bush that “as long as Washington endorses [American and Israeli] criminal acts and aggression against [other] nations’ honor and resources – the terror will not cease and America will not be able to eradicate it.”

In Sadeq’s view, the American army’s overthrow of Saddam Hussein was both illegal and immoral, leaving the political climate of the Middle East in worse condition than it had been prior to the U.S. invasion. In an article Sadeq penned about Saddam, he states, “the man tried his best and did all [that] he could. . . . Saddam was a thorn in the eye of the imperialists, and we will not change our mind about him, though we know that he made some mistakes, like other great leaders who ruled difficult societies.”

In another column, Sadeq described President Bush as “the head of the snake of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and the head of the snake of the American oppression against both the Palestinians and the Arabs.” Regarding Bush’s participation in the March 2003 Arab League Summit at Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, Sadeq said, “It would have been better and more rational for the Arab representatives in Sharm el-Sheikh to make an effort to convince [Bush] that he is the one who should fear, and that they are the ones who should frighten him. It is he who should fear the future, because his experience in Iraq is not bright and America is sinking deeper and deeper in a putrid swamp, and will extricate itself from it only as a defeated, stinking loser.”

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