Additional Information on the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

(1) Additional International Programs of the MacArthur Foundation include the following:

  • The Human Rights & International Justice program features grants intended to “strengthen human rights protections, advance government accountability … improve the reach and quality of justice … defend freedom of expression, and enhance criminal justice globally, with a special focus on Mexico, Nigeria, and Russia.”
  • The Girls’ Secondary Education in Developing Countries program “seeks to nurture learner-centered secondary education models that equip economically marginalized girls with a core set of 21st century skills and attributes so that they have the opportunity to make decisions appropriate for their lives.”
  • The Population & Reproductive Health program seeks to “reduce maternal mortality and improve the quality of maternal and reproductive health care in India, Mexico, and Nigeria.”

(2) Additional U.S. Programs of the MacArthur Foundation include the following:

  • The Community & Economic Development program “seeks to create vibrant, economically diverse neighborhoods, cities, and metropolitan regions” by: focusing on “critical threats to neighborhoods, such as the foreclosure crisis or gun violence”; striving to “improve conditions in neighborhoods and cities to increase economic diversity and opportunity for low-income individuals and families”; and “addressing a comprehensive range of issues that includ[e] employment, health, housing, and violence reduction.”
  • The Digital Media & Learning program aims to “make education more powerful for all students by creating more opportunities for more youth to engage in learning that is relevant to their lives and prepares them for success in school, the workplace, and their community.”
  • The Policy Research & Analysis program “supports special policy projects, incubates new policy ideas, and provides general operating support to a small portfolio of organizations currently focused on fiscal and budgetary issues.”
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