Additional Information on the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America

* While AMJA instructs Muslims to display “justice and kindness” to “non-Muslims who desire to live in peace with Muslims,” the organization also exhorts them to persistently “call [the infidels] to Allah and bring them closer to Islam as much as possible.”

* AMJA holds an annual Imams Conference where some 150 Islamic clerics gather to discuss (and issue declarations about) contemporary issues facing the Muslim community in America. In addition, nearly every year AMJA sponsors an International Convention where 50 distinguished scholars meet to discuss and debate many of those same issues. Further, AMJA periodically gives seminars focusing on matters of jurisprudence.

* AMJA’s board chairman is Hussein Hamid Hassan, widely considered to be the father of Islamic finance. Hassan holds a PhD in Sharia from Al-Azhar University in Cairo (1965), and also holds law degrees from both the International Institute of Comparative Law and New York University. Formerly the attorney general for the government of Egypt (1969-70), Hassan currently chairs the Sharia Supervisory Committee of many Islamic banks in the Middle East.

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