Additional Information on the Alliance For Justice

* The now-defunct “Co-Motion” initiative was an AFJ program established in 2000 to “empower a new generation of advocates for social change and to nurture a lifelong commitment to civic participation and social justice activism.” Focusing exclusively on the issue of “gun violence” and the need for restrictions on the Second Amendment, Co-Motion sponsored hundreds of two-day training seminars for young people, teaching them how to make use of friendly local media outlets to generate positive spin for the cause.

* In October 2001 AFJ launched Gun Industry Watch (GIW), a self-proclaimed “student watchdog network” designed to monitor the firearms industry and the National Rifle Association. Now defunct, this campaign sought to “force the gun industry to take responsibility for its deadly products.” Toward this end, GIW took “direct action aimed at gun makers and the gun lobby,” always with an eye toward “exposing deceptive advertising used by gun makers,” “boycotting corporate partners and sponsors of the gun lobby,” and “demanding consumer product safety standards for firearms.”

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