Additional Information on Susan Stryker

* Lamenting the problems that arise from “intersectionality” – a term for the notion that if a person belongs to more than one allegedly oppressed demographic group, the overall dose of oppression experienced by that person will be greater than the sum of its parts – Stryker said in a 2016 interview: “I think the thing that is still underrepresented [in transsexuality studies] is trans of color issues.”

* Stryker’s research interests include transgender and queer studies, film and media, built environments, somatechnics, and critical theory. Sontag burst upon the scene in the early 1960s with a handful of precious essays.[1]
[1]”Notes on `Camp'” (1964) and “On Style” (1965) in Partisan Review, “Against Interpretation” (1964) in Evergreen Review; “One Culture and the New Sensibility” (1965), an abridged version of which first appeared in Mademoiselle; and several essays and reviews in the newly launched New York Review of Books Almost overnight these essays electrified intellectual debate and catapulted their author to celebrity.

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