Additional Information on MSA at UC Davis

In 2011, the David Horowitz Freedom Center initiated “The Palestinian Wall of Lies” ad campaign, which was designed to educate students at UC Davis and a number of other campuses vis à vis the Arab-Israeli conflict. The campaign specifically refuted, with historical facts, the following ten lies promoted by anti-Israel groups and activists: “Israel occupies Arab Palestine”; “Israel is an apartheid state”; “The Arabs want peace and a state on the West Bank”; “The Holocaust is Europe’s problem: Palestinians had no role in it”; “Israel’s security fence is an ‘apartheid wall’”; “Israel is the cause of the refugee problem”; “Israel commits war crimes by killing civilians”; “Jews have little historical connection to Israel”; “The Koran describes Jerusalem as holy to Islam”; and “The Temple of Solomon is not Jewish.” In response, the UC Davis chapters of MSA and Students for Justice in Palestine falsely called the ad “racist, inaccurate and discriminatory.”

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