Additional Information on David Suzuki

  • David Suzuki’s disagreements with President George W. Bush extended beyond environmental concerns: “The Bush administration, from the minute they came in, essentially declared that they’re going to be world bandits. They’re not going to abide by any international agreements. They said they will not abide by the World Court…. They said ‘we’re not going to abide by the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty’ … They said that ‘we don’t want to enter into any kind of international land mines treaty. And we sure don’t want to enter into the Kyoto Agreement.’”
  • Suzuki asserts that if everyone were to eat only locally-produced foods when they were in season – and avoid eating foods that had to be transported from far away – there would be fewer carbon emissions from the transportation of the off-season produce.
  • In a 2004 CBC poll, Suzuki was voted the greatest living Canadian.
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