Additional Information on Civis Analytics

Additional founding officers and staffers of Civis Analytics include:

  • vice president and co-founder Caroline Grey, who worked at the Democratic National Committee before becoming an Obama campaign field organizer in 2007 and, later, the director of analytics operations at Obama For America;
  • director of media analytics Peter Bouchard, who previously helped Obama For America by designing a tool that analyzed television viewing habits in conjunction with other voter data, to tailor political advertising with unprecedented detail and precision;
  • senior software engineer Matt Brennan, who worked as a project manager for the 2008 Obama For America campaign, and later as a special assistant in President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security;
  • senior analyst Amos Budde, who worked at the Urban Institutebefore joining Obama For America as a battleground-states elections analyst;
  • vice president of engineering Gabriel Burt, who was the lead analytics engineer and product manager for the 2012 Obama campaign;
  • engagement manager Christine Campigotto, who was the 2008 Obama campaign’s data director in Ohio, later joined the Obama administration in a number of analytical and strategic roles, and eventually returned to Ohio in 2012 to serve as a data and analytics advisor to the president’s re-election effort;
  • operations manager Miriam Chan, who led the 2012 Obama campaign’s day-to-day and strategic operations in the western part of the U.S.;
  • director of campaigns Matt Dover, who served as deputy battleground-states analytics director for Obama’s 2012 campaign;
  • director of quantitative analytics Matt Lackey, who in 2008 was the Obama campaign’s data director in Indiana, and has worked as the AFL-CIO‘s senior political strategist since 2009;
  • engagement manager Tim Prescott, who in 2012 was part of the Obama campaign’s analytics department and served as the early-vote director in Ohio;
  • analyst David Shor, who worked as an election analyst for the 2012 Obama campaign;
  • political analyst Jesse Stinebring, who interned for Senator Sherrod Brown‘s 2006 campaign before working on Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential runs;
  • advisor Tim Trautman, who was a field organizer and data analyst for Obama’s 2008 campaign, the targeting operations manager for the Democratic National Committee in 2012, and the deputy director of analytics operations for Obama’s 2012 campaign; and
  • systems engineer Bill Wanjohi, who was responsible for the analytics database platform in Obama’s 2012 campaign.
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