Additional Information on Americans for Democratic Action

Below are the positions which Americans for Democratic Action takes on some additional issues of political import:

● Affirmative Action: ADA views affirmative action as a desirable policy by which to “provide redress for inequities and historic wrongs” perpetrated against “racial minorities and women.”

● Housing: “The federal government alone can fill the need for affordable housing” for low-income people by “dramatically expanding … assistance programs.”

● Welfare: ADA believes that time limits on welfare eligibility “should be repealed.”

● Nuclear Weapons: Urging “a renewed campaign to win Senate approval of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty,” ADA demands “immediate and unilateral reductions in [U.S.] nuclear weapons …”

● Foreign Debt Forgiveness: ADA “urges the G8 countries to consider relieving the debt owed by … the world’s poorest countries, as they continue to suffer financially.”

● Economic Inequality: Claiming that “inequality in the distribution of income and wealth … continue to jeopardize equal opportunity and democracy,” ADA contends that “the federal government must create year-round, full-time living-wage jobs when private industry does not provide enough” employment opportunities. It also calls for “redistributed [economic] opportunity to women and people of color.”

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