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  • Anti-war activist
  • Executive director of Peace Action Network
  • "The United States needs to end its shameful status as arms merchant to the world."


Kevin Martin is the executive director of the Peace Action Network, which was created from the shell of SANE and the Nuclear Weapon Freeze Campaign, two leftwing “peace” groups that historically have called for disarmament by the West. America’s largest anti-war and disarmament group, Peace Action and its affiliates have a 40-year history of anti-American rhetoric and activity dating back to the Vietnam War, when they helped plan and lead protests at which U.S. Vietnam Veterans were vilified as “baby killers.” During the 1980s these groups pushed legislators to pass a Soviet-sponsored “nuclear freeze” which would have solidified Soviet missile superiority in Europe.

Martin’s attitude towards America’s world role is evident in his assertion that “We [the U.S.] enable the killing [that occurs around the world]. Uncle Sam, as the world’s number-one weapons dealer, has armed one or more sides in nearly every war worldwide…. The United States needs to end its shameful status as arms merchant to the world.”

On March 29, 2004, Martin issued a statement on behalf of Peace Action calling upon voters to help defeat President Bush in the upcoming November election. “Bush has pushed this country and the world towards a cataclysm rather than towards safety,” said Martin. “Bush has been so harmful to progress on the issues of nuclear disarmament, international cooperation, the arms trade and the elimination of war as a means of resolving international conflict, that this country and the world cannot risk another four years of his failed leadership. We feel we have no choice but to issue this unusual ‘dis-endorsement.’”

Martin is a member of the United for Peace and Justice steering committee.




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