Additional Information on Debbie Dingell

In addition to the activities discused in her profile, Debbie Dingell has also been involved in various organizations and community groups, including the following:

  • National Women’s Health Resource Center (founder and former chair)
  • Children’s Inn at the National Institutes of Health (founder and former chair)
  • NIH Panel for Women’s Research (advisory board)
  • Michigan Women’s Economic Club (advisory board)
  • Susan B. Komen Foundation (advisory board)
  • Michigan Women’s Foundation (advisory board)
  • Race for the Cure in Michigan and Washington, DC (co-founder)
  • Children’s Leadership Council (co-chair)
  • Michigan Infant Mortality Task Force (chair)
  • Michigan’s Children (board member)
  • One United Michigan (co-chair)
  • Metropolitan Affairs Coalition (chair)
  • Parade Company (board of directors)
  • D2 Strategies (president)
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