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Among the most popular -- and the most frequently invited -- guest speakers at events sponsored by the Muslim Students Association (MSA) and the Muslim Student Union (MSU) are anti-Semites who detest Jews and the state of Israel. In many cases, their animus is directed also at Israel's closest ally, the United States. This section of DiscoverTheNetworks examines the worldview and the rhetoric of these speakers.

One such speaker is Muhammad al-Asi, who predicts that Muslims will ultimately "deal a death blow" -- by way of open "warfare" -- to the Jewish people. He advocates an “Islamic World Order” and claims that the 9/11 attacks were actually carried out by Israeli Mossad agents seeking to “criminalize Muslims.” He is also closely associated with the neo-Nazi Swiss convert to Islam, Ahmed Huber, who lauded Ayatollah Khomeini as the “living continuation of Adolf Hitler.”

Another frequent speaker at MSA and MSU events is Anna Baltzer who characterizes the Palestinian people of the West Bank and Gaza as victims of Israeli oppression, brutality, and human rights abuses. Adamantly opposed to Israel's existence as an independent "Jewish state," Baltzer favors a "one-state solution" where Jews would be a minority surrounded by Arabs sympathetic to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Lenni Brenner is a self-described “Trotskyist” and “anti-Zionist” who fosuses his attention most directly on what he views as the present and historical evils of Jews and Zionists. He condemns “the magnitude of Jewish involvement in the slave trade,” and contends  that Israel today is guilty of state-sponsored “terrorism” which takes the form of “indiscriminate bombing of civilians.”

Professor Ward Churchill's academic oeuvre was built around the theory that the United States has long been a genocidal nation guilty of evils that dwarf those of Nazi Germany. He similarly has condemned Israel as a terrorist state that oppresses the Palestinian people, and he suggests that U.S. aid to Israel is a major cause of anti-Americanism in the Middle East.

Hedy Epstein contends that Israel has taken on the Nazi role in its conflict with the Palestinians, and that the latter are innocent victims who suffer today in a manner reminiscent of how the Jews suffered in Hitler's Germany. "I feel anger," said Epstein on one occasion. "I feel that those [Jews] who were persecuted and their descendants have become the persecutors. It seems that is the lesson they have learned from the Holocaust."

Norman Finkelstein is a political scientist specializing in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Denouncing the "criminal policies of the Israeli state and U.S. support for these policies," he contends that Zionists' "morally repugnant treatment of the Palestinians, and their attempts to destroy Palestinian society within Israel and the occupied territories, reveals them as basically Nazis with beards and black hats."

Amir-Abdel Malik-Ali is an Oakland-based Imam who depicts Zionism as "a fusion of the concept of white supremacy and the chosen people." He accuses the "apartheid State of Israel" of carrying out a "holocaust" and a "genocide" against the Palestinian people. Referring to Jews as "new Nazis" and "a bunch of straight-up punks," he has told Jews directly: "The truth of the matter is your days are numbered. We [Muslims] will fight you. We will fight you until we are either martyred or until we are victorious."

Abdul Alim Musa is the founder and director of the As-Sabiqun movement, which aims to "enable Islam to take complete control of … the lives of all human beings on Earth." Musa has praised Islamic suicide bombers as "martyrs" whose deeds earn them immediate entry into Paradise. He characterizes Israel as a "cancer ... in the center of the crossroads of the world."

Ilan Pappe is a professor of history at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom. A committed Marxist, Pappe has openly expressed support for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas "in its resistance against the Israeli occupation." "The advance of Hamas," Pappe says, has been due not to any hateful or genocidal impulse inherent in radical Islam, but rather to Palestinian "disappointment with the political regimes and their Western supporters," and to the "sense of defeat" that resulted from "the failure to liberate Palestine by the more secular forces."

Yvonne Ridley is a British-born journalist and Muslim convert who says: “Now, more than ever, we have needed [Islamic] revolutionary leaders to stand in our corner and verbally bash the politicians, Islamaphobics, racists and secularists who are queuing up to attack the Muslim community. Now, more than ever, we need the Muslim equivalent of Che GuevaraFidel Castro or Hugo Chavez. With the exception of the heroic Palestinians like the late [Hamas leader] Sheikh [Ahmed] Yasin, and maybe Marwan Barghouti [the multiple murderer who founded the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades] ... the only Muslim leaders we have are those belly-dancing Arab despots who betrayed and delivered Iraq on a plate to Uncle Sam.” Ridley supports international divestment from Israel, a nation she has described as “that disgusting little watchdog of America that is festering in the Middle East.”

Dovid Weiss is a Hasidic rabbi who sports a pin of a Palestinian flag on his lapel and rejects Israel's right to exist as an independent state. He has called Zionism “the world-wide disease.”

Khalid Yasin is a U.S.-born Muslim convert who calls for the worldwide implementation of Islamic Law (Shari'a); declares that homosexuals should be executed because the Koran mandates it; and contends that AIDS was invented at a U.S. government lab and spread by Western governments through United Nations agencies and Christian missionaries.

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