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Since the onset of the Age of Terror, there has been extensive public discussion about the nature of Islam: Is it a religion of peace that radicals have tried to hijack? Or a religion that has radicalism built into its basic principles?

Many European intellectuals especially, facing the slow but steady Islamization of their societies and fearing potential for violent social upheaval in Muslim communities, have argued for the former. They have tried to identity and support moderate Muslim spokesmen. As part of the effort to seek accommodation with the restive Muslim communities in their midst, they have insisted that violence is external to Islam; that it is a fundamentally peaceful religion that is threatened with subversion by its own most fanatical adherents.

There are indeed moderate Muslim clerics in Europe and in America. But their number is surprisingly small and their resolve is shaken by the fierce commitment of radical imams. Relatively few dared denounce the 9/11 attack, let alone jihadism in general; even fewer have supported the War on Terror itself.

In the face of this fearful silence, Islam is increasingly defined by the imams in the West and throughout the Middle East who preach an unremitting message of hate and bigotry. Intrinsic in their sermons, exhortations, and public appearances are the most explicitly racist proclamations being made anywhere in the world today, including the most extreme form of racism—a call to genocide against the Jews.

The videos in this section of DiscoverTheNetworks (DTN) show this message of hate in its various guises. DTN did not have to search energetically to assemble these materials. These sermons and public addresses are ubiquitous in the Islamic world and, increasingly, in the Muslim areas of Europe and on American college campuses. That they should be disseminated so broadly and so shamelessly in an era of racial and ethnic sensitivity shows the magnitude of the threat posed by radical Islam.


Syrian Official: Jews Are Apes and Pigs
July 21, 2006
Abdullah Aal Mahmud, a Bahraini cleric, Explaining the Rules of Wife-Beating
June 20, 2005
Professor Mustafa Muslim, on Killing the Jews
June 19, 2005
Dr. Hani Al-Sibaai, London Islamist, Justifies Slaughters in Iraq
February 22, 2005
Dr. Yousuf Ishrafi, on "The Jewish Nature"
August 8, 2004

Dr. Bakr L. Samarai, calling for the beheading of Jews
February 2003


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