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The organizations profiled in this section of DiscoverTheNetworks do not necessarily share the Islamist/jihadist goals of implementing Sharia (Islamic Law) in the United States and other non-Muslim countries, establishing Islam as the supreme faith worldwide, or reestablishing the Islamic Caliphate. In a variety of ways, however, these groups lend considerable support to Islamo-fascists by running interference on their behalf and helping them achieve their more immediate objectives.

For example, such apologists strive -- in the name of “civil liberties” -- to obstruct the anti-terrorism efforts of law-enforcement and intelligence agencies. In the name of “human rights,” they fight aggressively to protect suspected terrorists from detection, capture, and prosecution. And in the name of “social justice,” they contend that Muslims, whom they depict as  “victimized” by widespread discrimination and violence, should receive special protections and privileges to counterbalance the ravages of an allegedly anti-Muslim society.

The apologist groups characterize Islamic terror and jihad as a battered culture's unfortunate but legitimate responses to the provocative injustices of the West. They depict America's war on Islamic terror as an immoral, racist enterprise that unfairly smears all members of a largely peaceful and tolerant faith. And, denying that Islamo-fascism even exists -- let alone that it poses a genuine threat to America and the West -- they dismiss anyone who calls attention to such a threat as a “racist” or an “Islamophobe.”

Though Islamo-fascists and their Western apologists clearly embrace very divergent sets of values, they are united by one overriding impulse: a desire to overthrow the existing social order of America.


List of organizations that serve as apologists for Islamo-fascism, profiled in DiscoverTheNetworks:
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