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This section of DiscoverTheNetworks provides profiles of numerous organizations whose objectives are consistent with the jihadist goals of Islamo-fascism. Those goals include the implementation of Sharia (Islamic Law) in the U.S. and other non-Muslim countries; the establishment of Islam as the supreme faith worldwide; the reestablishment of an Islamic caliphate; and the destruction of Israel.

The organizations profiled in this section tend to: exalt murderous violence that pursues death and destruction; reject virtually all forms of modernity except the technology required for the production of sophisticated weapons of war; strive to recapture the lost glories of past dominance; seek to avenge a host of real and imagined "humiliations" and affronts; worship authoritarian leaders who are held to be divinely guided; strive for the establishment of a centralized, ominipotent state; oppress and subordinate females; despise art and literature as symptoms of moral decadence; and embrace the notion of a master Islamic "race" and its superiority to all others.



List of Islamo-fascist Organizations profiled in Discover The Networks:

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