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The political Left is engaged in a battle to minimize the influence of Christianity in American culture. Toward that end, leftists in recent decades have waged an aggressive campaign to eliminate all references to Christmas and Easter (and in some cases the less overtly religious Thanksgiving) from the public square. They claim, for example, that the First Amendment forbids government on any level -- federal, state, or local -- to countenance the erection of Christmas trees, creches, or crosses on public property. Even private institutions that deal with the public, such as department stores, are under heavy pressure to avoid participating in activities involving Christian symbols. Similarly, ordinary public chatter is being cleansed of allusions to Christmas, supposedly to avoid hurting the feelings of non-Christians. Hence people say "Happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas," and so on.

By far the most influential institutional promoter of the purge of Christianity from public places is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which endorses the interpretation of the First Amendment as forbidding even the slightest taint of religion in public life.

Those who call for an uncompromising church/state divide are concerned almost exclusively with Christianity, and not with other faiths. The ACLU and its lawyers, for example, are not so much anti-religious as they are anti-Christian, as evidenced by their relentless crusade against any outwardly Christian signs while advocating in behalf of the religious needs of Muslims, Jews, and even those who publicly practice witchcraft “religion.” The same attorneys who contend that it is unconstitutional for an employee to display a cross or Bible on his or her work desk, argue that wearing a burka that covers one's face on a driver's-license photo is perfectly acceptable.

The Left is anti-Christian because it understands that the Christian ethic has provided the basis for the nation’s economics, politics, and social order, and that it has infused the American character with the virtues of self-reliance, accountability, and individuality. All of these elements must be deconstructed if the leftist dream of a radically transformed America is to become a reality.

Adapted from "
The War against Christmas," by William Rusher (December 19, 2006), and "The Left Resumes Its War on Christmas," by Aryeh Spero (December 5, 2006).



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December 5, 2006


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