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A "special project" of the Ploughshares Fund, the Peace and Security Funders Group (PSFG) describes itself as “an association of private and public foundations, operating foundations, charitable trusts, grantmaking programs, and individual philanthropists who make grants or expenditures that contribute to peace and global security.” The PSFG coalition was established in 1999 by several large foundations (one of which was the Ploughshares Fund), “in response to a need for greater communication and collaboration among funders working in the peace and security field, as well as a mechanism to encourage increased philanthropic activity in this area.”

PSFG’s top priority is to eliminate all nuclear weapons from the face of the earth. A secondary objective is to ban--or to at least limit the manufacture, testing, and sale of--conventional and biological weapons alike. An avid supporter of international arms-control treaties that promote disarmament, PSFG exhorts the U.S. to drastically reduce its defense budget while earmarking more money for international humanitarian relief and economic-development programs. PSFG also opposes the “militarization” of space (i.e., the deployment of a space-based missile-defense system), and condemns any sort of unilateral, pre-emptive military action by the United States.

According to a Capital Research Center report, PSFG espouses a worldview known as “liberal internationalism,” which "subordinates U.S. national interests to a global utopianism" and "dismisses American strategic requirements such as the need for covert intelligence, the conduct of political warfare, and the prudential use of force and propaganda."

This section explores the activities and agendas of all of PSFG's 60+ member foundations.
Peace and Security Funders Group: Profile
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