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Extremist environmental groups have learned how to force corporations to turn against the political candidates, nonprofits, and issue campaigns that support their own (the corporations') best interests. Specifically, green groups seek to persuade the customers, investors and suppliers of corporations to pressure corporate management to cut off financial contributions to business-friendly causes and candidates. Their long-term goal, however, is conversion rather than coercion; i.e., green groups want to convert their business adversaries into their partners. Tom Borelli, a shareholder and fellow at the Free Enterprise Project, puts it this way: “If you get a company, you win. The left knows you have to triangulate the business community in order to win...You either get companies on your side, or you neutralize them.”

Source: "Green Bullies: How Environmental Groups Use the Tactics of Intimidation," by Amanda Carey (June 2011).


"Direct Action": The Tactics of Radical Activism (How Environmental Groups Use Radical Tactics to Advance Their Agenda) (pdf)
By Neil Hrab
February 2004

Green Bullies: How Environmental Groups Use the Tactics of Intimidation
By Amanda Carey
June 2011

Little Green Monsters
By Kevin Mooney
January 2011

"Energy Independence" A Formula For Attacking Energy
By James Dellinger
January 2007

Do We Have the Will to Drill? Environmentalists' New Strategy to Kill Energy Exploration
By Danny Smith
September 2008

The Center for Climate Strategies: How Governors Keep Legislators out of the Loop
By Christopher Horner
April 2008

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