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Founded on the leftist tenets of "social justice" – which contends that capitalism and economic inequality are monstrous evils that must be replaced by a socialist system wherein all differences in wealth have been eliminated – a virulent strain of anti-Americanism has infiltrated the teacher-training programs in most American universities. As such, anti-American instruction has made its way into a large number of the nation's K-12 classrooms.

In the 1980s, many radical anti-war activists from the Sixties and Seventies acquired a new identity and became tenured college professors. They resolved to alter their former revolutionary tactics by now trying to influence American culture from "within the system" rather than from outside of it. Prominent among these radicals was William Ayers, a founder of the infamous Weather Underground terrorist group. In 1984 Ayers enrolled in Columbia Teachers College, where he earned a Ph.D. and emerged as a Professor of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He then launched a new career, directing his revolutionary energy into changing classroom curricula instead of setting bombs.

Ayers has been on a decades-long mission to transform public education into anti-American indoctrination, and to persuade young people to demand that their government assume ever-increasing control over the economy, politics and culture of the United States. Ayers is a leading advocate of "social justice" teaching and "critical pedagogy," which focus on getting students to believe that they are victims of an unjust, oppressive, and racist America which can only be transformed by means of "the advocacy of more egalitarian access to income through state-sponsored redistribution" – i.e., socialism. Typical classroom lessons under such a system concentrate exclusively on America's historical sins rather than on its positive accomplishments. More brazen than most of his comrades, Ayers speaks openly of his desire to use America's public-school classrooms to train a generation of revolutionaries who will overturn the supposedly imperialistic, oppressive, racist, sexist, and classist regime of capitalist America.

Adapted from "
Social Justice: Code Word for Anti-Americanism," by Eagle Forum (January 2009).



Social Justice: Code Word for Anti-Americanism
By Eagle Forum
January 2009

Tainted Teachings, What Your Kids are Learning about Israel, America, and Islam, Parts 1 through 4
Jewish Telegraph Agency Staff Report
October 27, 2005
Multiculturalism's War on Education
By Elan Journo
September 23, 2004


Teaching Social Justice & Anti-Americanism in the K-12 Classroom


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