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101 Montgomery Street - Suite 850
San Francisco, CA

Phone :(415) 391-9001
Email :info@comptonfoundation.org
URL :http://www.comptonfoundation.org/

Compton Foundation's Visual Map

  • Assets: $59,972,303 (2012)
  • Grants Received: $0 (2012)
  • Grants Awarded: $3,582,728 (2012)

The Compton Foundation was established by Randolph Compton, a New York investment banker, and his wife Dorothy. The couple was motivated to set up the Foundation (initially as a charitable trust) as a result of the grief they experienced when the youngest of their four children, John, was killed in combat by a sniper’s bullet while serving the U.S. military in Italy during World War II. In 1946 the Comptons set up their charitable trust for the purpose of supporting peace- and disarmament-oriented organizations.

Dorothy and Randolph Compton believed that world peace was possible only if the conditions that brought about war could be eliminated. Among those conditions, in their view, were the rapid growth of the human population, and, relatedly, the depletion of natural resources due to increased worldwide consumption levels (especially in the United States).

Over time, the Compton Trust's mission expanded to include support for welfare programs, social justice organizations, and the arts. The Trust was converted to a Foundation in 1973, and sixteen years later relocated its office from New York City to Northern California, where Jim Compton and Ann Compton Stephens, two of Randolph and Dorothy’s children, lived. Since then, four of the founders’ grandchildren have served on the Board.

According to its mission statement, the Compton Foundation "seeks to foster human and ecological security by addressing contemporary threats to these inalienable rights. ... The Foundation envisions a world in which humans live in harmony with each other, and in sustainable balance with the earth.”

The Compton Foundation is a member organization of the Peace and Security Funders Group, an unincorporated association of foundations and individual philanthropists that give money to leftwing anti-war and environmentalist causes. The Foundation’s “Peace and Security” (P&S) program, which in 2004 funneled $2,333,839 to leftist anti-war groups, “seeks to promote peace by addressing the need for new policies and practices to provide for human safety in regions of armed conflict.” Suggesting that American policies are to blame for much of humanity’s international strife, the P&S program aims to “focus public attention on the need for U.S. and international policy change in war-torn areas, including the need for new approaches and increased public funding for peace operations.” In the fall of 2002 the Compton Foundation co-founded the Iraq Peace Fund (IPF) through a grant to the Tides Foundation, which sponsored IPF. The Iraq Peace Fund was a short-term  project aimed at raising money to promote the anti-war movement during the run-up to the 2003 war in Iraq. The Fund raised $750,000 to disseminate its anti-Iraq War message to the American public, and it made grants totaling more than $400,000 to 27 separate leftist and anti-war organizations, including the Anti-War Room, a resource center for anti-war journalists; the Friends Committee on National Legislation; Indymedia; MoveOn.OrgNational Council of Churches; the War Resisters League; and the International Action Center (which sponsors International ANSWER and is run entirely by the communist Workers World Party).

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Recipients of grants made through the Compton Foundation’s “Peace and Security” program in recent years include: the 20/20 Vision Education Fund; the Agape Foundation; Carnegie Endowment for International PeaceFenton CommunicationsHuman Rights First; the Institute for Policy Studies; the National Council of Churches; the National Security Archive Fund; the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation; Physicians for Social Responsibility; the Ploughshares Fund; the Proteus Fund; the Ruckus SocietySeptember 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows; the Tides Center; the Union of Concerned Scientists; and the Women's Action for New Directions Education Fund.

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The Compton Foundation’s “Environment and Sustainability” (ES) grantmaking program “seeks a balanced and healthy relationship between humans, other life, and the planet.” In 2004 this program sent $1,460,672 to leftist environmentalist organizations. Basing its funding decisions on the premise that America is largely responsible for the earth’s atmospheric and aquatic pollution, the ES program identifies one of its primary goals as: “[r]educing the U.S. contribution to global climate change.” According to the ES initiative, “The U.S. produces ... 25% of worldwide emissions, making it the largest national contributor to global climate change. The U.S. not only plays a major role in global warming because of the size of its annual emissions, but also because U.S. decisions alter the context for any international action.”

Recipients of grants made through the Compton Foundation’s “Environment and Sustainability” program in 2003 and 2004 include: Defenders of Wildlife; Earth Day Network; Earthjustice; Friends of the Earth; Global Green USA; the Greenpeace Fund; the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund; the Natural Resources Defense Council; the Public Citizen Foundation; the Rainforest Action Network; the Sierra Club Foundation; the Tides Center; and the Wilderness Society.

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In its “Population and Reproductive Health” grantmaking program, the Compton Foundation “links population stabilization with peace and environment issues, and as such with broader social development and environmental goals.” In 2004 this program sent $1,738,933 to leftist organizations supporting unfettered, state-funded access to abortion-on-demand. According to the Foundation, “on a global level, support for family planning services ultimately helps achieve a healthier planet by reducing the contribution of population growth to environmental deterioration and violent conflict”; and “on a personal level, support for reproductive health empowers women and contributes to improved health and quality of life for women, men, and children.” Dedicated to “[e]nsuring and improving access to family planning and reproductive health services within the United States,” the Compton Foundation laments that “[t]he majority of women in the U.S. rely on private health insurance for their family planning services, [many of which] do not cover family planning services, including prescriptions and other birth control devices.”

The Compton Foundation boasts that its support helped enable Planned Parenthood of Western Washington “to take a leadership role in increasing private plans' coverage of these services, through an innovative legal strategy focusing on gender discrimination under federal civil rights law.” Seeking to “provid[e] access for vulnerable populations such as low-income and young women,” the Foundation directed grant money to the National Abortion Federation (NAF), which “adopted a multi-strategy approach to improve access to abortion services for vulnerable groups of women.”  The Foundation’s ultimate objective is to make access to taxpayer-funded abortion a universal entitlement for all American women.

Recipients of grants made through the Compton Foundation’s “Population and Reproductive Health” initiative in 2003 and 2004 include: the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Northern California;  Catholics for a Free Choice; the Center for Reproductive Rights; the Feminist Majority Foundation; the National Abortion Federation; the National Women’s Health Network; Planned Parenthood; and the Population Connection.

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(Information on grantees and monetary amounts courtesy of The Foundation Center, GuideStar, ActivistCash, the Capital Research Center and Undue Influence)


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