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Why Not Identify the Enemy?

By Dr. Steve Carol
May 1, 2007
(posted on the Politico Mafioso blogspot)

On September 12th, Senator Russell Feingold (D-Wis) a contender for the 2008


presidential nomination called on President Bush to stop using the term


"Islamic fascism" as it harmed the war on terrorism. Specifically Feingold


stated: "I call on the president to immediately stop using the phrase


'Islamic fascism,' a label that doesn't make any sense, and certainly


doesn't help our effort to fight terrorism." That he told this to a


delegation of the Arab American Institute, may just be coincidental.

What is of greater concern is that a presidential contender seems not to


understand the definition of fascism and its modern variant, Islamofascism


(or Islamic fascism). This is not a recent term. It was introduced by French


writer Maxime Rodinson to describe the Iranian Revolution of 1978-79:

“A quick review of ideology is in order. Different ideologies should be part


of any history and government class in the United States. No other type of


ideology, (democracy, communism, or despotism) matches what our enemy stands


for as does the ideology of fascism. Islamofascism is the Islamic jihadist


ideology grafted onto the totalitarian dictatorial system of fascism where


the goals of Islam are more important than that of the individual. It seeks


to re-create a mythical past, glorification of war, violence, intimidation,


belligerency, superiority over non-believers, anti-Semitism and


anti-liberalism are all components of this ideology. An examination of


events before and after 9/11 show that the definition is both sound and


accurate. The pairing of the two words "Islamic" and "fascism" conveys a


precise message: the old fascism is back, but driven by a radical


fundamentalist creed of Islam. Who are the Islamofascists? They are the


practitioners of militant Islam. Militant Islam contains elements of


terrorism, religious fundamentalism, and the exploitation of social and


economic injustice. It has ideological fervor, it has global reach, it is


ambitious and it has staying power. They seek to re-create the Caliphate


that once existed from southern France, to the gates of Vienna, to the


plains of India, the steppes of Russia and western China - and then once


regaining that, beyond. Islamofascism is now a global threat because certain


Arab and Muslim governments have chosen to export it.”

Senator Feingold claims the term does not make any sense. Yes, that applies,


but not to the term "Islamofascism" but rather to the term he prefers:


"terror." We are not in a war against terror any more than the U.S. was in a


war against trenches in World War I, a war against blitzkrieg and kamikaze


in World War II and a war against blockade during the Cold War. Trench


warfare, blitzkrieg, kamikaze, blockade and terror are all tactics employed


in a war. Wars have identifiable enemies and ideologies. Fascism (and its


German variant Nazism) during World War II and communism during the Cold


War. The hostile ideology that currently seeks to destroy the American way


of life, our free and democratic system and values is Islamofascism.

President Bush, has finally used the term "Islamic fascism" to describe the


enemy ideology, albeit once. The PC crowd as well as apologists for the


Islamofascists, have sought to prevent the use of that term. Continued use


of the term "war on terror" clouds the issue, confuses many, and seriously


divides our nation. While Americans - Republicans and Democrats, liberals


and conservatives - continue to argue about whether or not we should or


shouldn't use the term "Islamofascism" and continue to deal with our


Islamofascist enemies with one hand tied behind our back under "Marquis of


Queensbury" rules - our enemies sharpen their figurative and literal swords


and plan new acts of terror against us. "[Islamic fascism] doesn't make


sense" intones Senator Feingold. On the contrary, both by definition and


deed it makes absolute sense. Rather than take the Senator's suggestion not


to use the term, Americans all, should increase their usage of it. As the


Chinese general and author, Sun Tzu, advised over 2000 years ago: "Know thy



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