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National Lawyers Guild: Profile

By Stand4Facts.org



The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) is an organization of attorneys that uses the cloak of progressive values to conceal its anti-capitalist, pro-terrorism agenda. Since its Marxist-inspired inception in 1937, the NLG has consistently agitated for ultra-liberal, communist ideals[1] . Misguided progressivism and treasonous activities define much of the NLG’s 68 years in existence.

NLG members once refused to adopt an amendment declaring the organization supportive of democracy. The NLG has also supported countless terrorist groups, including the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Black Panthers, and the Weather Underground Organization[2] . Additionally, the NLG condemned the United States’ repudiation of Communism during the Cold War, opposed anti-communist policies such as the Marshall Plan, and argued that the United Stated needed, “basic structural changes in society.”[3] The US government went so far as to once describe NLG members as “subversive.”[4]

While the fall of the Soviet Block represented a major “setback”[5] to the
NLG cause, developments such as the Gulf War, globalization, the September
11 Terror Attacks, and the War in Iraq have provided the NLG with outlets
for its extremist agenda.

Perhaps this extremism is most evident in the NLG’s attitude towards Israel. The NLG claims that its goal is to, “eliminate racism,” “safeguard minority groups,” “use the law as an instrument for the protection of the people,” and “protect civil liberties and to defend democracy,”[6] yet consider some of the NLG’s recent positions:

- The NLG issued a press release declaring, “The National Lawyers Guild
Supports Acts of Civil Disobedience in Protesting Preemptive Strikes Against Iraq.”[7]

- Four hours after the September 11 Terrorist Attacks, John Wheat Gibson, a NLG vice-president, sent an e-mail claiming that the United States and Israel were most likely responsible for the attacks.[8]

- One of the star NLG lecturers is Lynne Stewart, an anti-Democracy speaker who attacks both American values and Israel. In 2002, Stewart was arrested for consorting with the Islamic Group, an Egypt-based terrorist organization with close ties to Al-Qaeda that advocated for the destruction of both the United States and Israel. Regarding civilian
deaths, Stewart once stated, “I'm pretty inured to the notion that in a war or in an armed struggle, people die. They're in the wrong place, they're in a nightclub in Israel, they're at a stock market in London, they're in the Algerian outback-whatever it is, people die.” Stewart has also called the 9/11 terrorists, “forces of natural liberation.”[9]

- Following the controversial 2000 election, the Guild attempted to impeach the five US Supreme Court members who believed that manual recounts were unconstitutional.[10]

- The NLG is also staunchly supportive of Castro’s Cuba. A NLG related law firm serves as legal counsel for Castro’s government, and the NLG is currently defended five Cuban spies accused of treason.[11]

- Guild Member Chip Berlet likened Israel to Iran and Pakistan, describing Israel as a “religious fundamentalist government.”[12]

- In a brief filed with the Israeli Supreme Court, Palestinian-American NLG member Thomas Nelson wrote that Israel had crossed the line from “self-defense to outright murder.”[13]

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