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Update on Anti-War Groups

By Robert Huberty
Capital Research Center
January 13, 2006

The organizers of the massive anti-war protest marches in 2003 and 2004 are fighting amongst themselves, according to these (endless) posts. On December 12, 2005 the group United for Peace and Justice announced it would no longer work with International ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) on anti-war actions. Together, these groups mobilized hundreds of thousands of anti-war protesters. But the old gang is breaking up into little pieces.

ANSWER is the anti-war offspring of the Workers World Party (WWP). The “anti-war” group supports Slobodan Milosevic’s Balkan wars, refuses to condemn Iraqi suicide bombers, and argues that “Iran and North Korea have the right to get any kind of weapon they need to defend themselves against the largest military machine on the planet.” The group recently split into two: the San Francisco faction, which calls itself the “Party for Socialism and Liberation,” took most of the ANSWER activists. It broke away from the New York office of the WWP, which includes the minions of Ramsey Clark and his International Action Center. The New York faction now calls itself  “Troops Out Now!” Its position is to “acknowledge the absolute and unconditional right of the Iraqi people to resist the occupation of their country without passing judgment on their methods of resistance.” The dispute is over turf and organizing methods, not ideology, says writer Bill Weinberg, editor of World War 4 report.  

All this has created tension with United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ), the other major anti-war group, which is the brainchild of pro-Castro supporter Leslie Cagan. UFPJ strives to steer clear of ANSWER’s support for Milosevic, Palestinian terrorists and Mumia Abu-Jamal and focus instead on building an anti-war, anti-Bush coalition. That’s a mistake, says another activist. Writing in the radical CounterPunch, she claims to disagree with ANSWER and WWP but pleads for unity: “I just shared a 1/7 NY Palestine teach-in platform with WWPers & others. I don't apologize for doing so. "Dogs fight, but they unite against the wolf."

Institute for Politics professor John Tierney has written extensively about these groups for CRC.

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