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Ron Howard's 'Demons & Angels' Incenses Catholics

By James Hirsen
April 28, 2009

Ron Howard has been doing his best Opie impression while running around claiming that his upcoming movie, “Angels & Demons,” is not anti-Christian or anti-Catholic.

Howard is in denial and perhaps a bit distracted by the box office.

In the film, the Catholic Church and the Vatican are depicted as secretive, conspiratorial, ignorant, and violent.

Brown is the same author, and Howard, the same filmmaker, who brought us “The Da Vinci Code,” a blatantly anti-Christian book and film.

If people of faith purchase tickets for “Angels & Demons,” it will put more money into Brown and Howard’s already bulging pockets and send a message that this kind of content is acceptable and, regrettably, profitable.

On the first page of "The Da Vinci Code," Brown claims that the book is based on fact.

He also claims some “facts” in “Angels and Demons,” for example, that “Christians got Holy Communion from the Aztecs” and “got the name for ‘Satan’ from the Islamic language, [sic] which they considered dirty.”

Canadian priest Bernard O'Connor indicated that a “production official” had told him, “Like most of us, Brown often says that he would do anything to demolish that detestable institution, the Catholic Church.”

Defenders such as Howard often point out that the movie and books are fiction and that folks shouldn’t get exercised.

But Brown continues to suggest that his anti-Christian ideas are factually based.

Maybe getting exorcised is something that Brown and Howard might contemplate.

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