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Rev. Wright Seeks Revenge for Obama’s ‘Betrayal’

By NewsMax.com
May 11, 2008

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright wouldn’t mind seeing Barack Obama’s presidential campaign derailed — that's how angry he is over his former parishioner’s “betrayal” of their long relationship, the New York Post reports.

“After 20 years of loving Barack like he was a member of his own family, for Jeremiah to see Barack saying over and over that he didn’t know about Jeremiah’s views during those years, that he wasn’t familiar with what Jeremiah had said, that he may have missed church on this day or that and didn’t hear what Jeremiah said, this is seen by Jeremiah as nonsense and betrayal,” a source with ties to Wright told the Post’s Fredric Dicker.

“Jeremiah is trying to defend his congregation and the work of his ministry by saying what he is saying” and “doesn’t care if he derails Obama’s candidacy or not.”

Obama’s relationship with Wright has been under fire ever since videos were made public earlier this year in which Wright claimed that the United States brought 9/11 on itself and people should say “God damn America” instead of “God bless America.”

Obama has recently sought to distance himself from Wright, calling his remarks “divisive and destructive” on April 29 — which angered the minister. But according to the source, Wright first became disillusioned with Obama last year when Obama unexpectedly barred him from participation in the public announcement of his presidential campaign.

After Obama was “embraced by this congregation as a brother in Christ, after his pastor was a father figure to him and gave him credibility in a city he had not grown up in, and in a black community that was suspect of someone from Hawaii and Harvard, he thanks him by not allowing him to speak publicly at his announcement last year?” the source told Dicker.

“Rev. Wright, as well as other senior members of his church, believe Obama has betrayed over 20 years of their supposed friendship.”

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