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Prez Minus Teleprompter Equals Biden

By James Hirsen
March 23, 2009

The easiest TV spot for a liberal politician to do other than “Larry King Live” is “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

Obama recently lost some of his presidential luster when he appeared on the late-night comedy show to answer vapid questions like, “So, how cool is it to fly in Air Force One?”

Too bad the prez forgot to bring his trusted teleprompter.

In referring to the banks that his administration is bailing out, Obama said, “It’s almost like they’ve got — they’ve got a bomb strapped to them, and they’ve got their hand on the trigger.”

Digging a deeper hole, he added, “You don’t want them to blow up. But you’ve got to kind of talk [to] them, ease that finger off the trigger.”

As bad as Biden’s gaffes may be, the president minus his teleprompter is beginning to rival his veep. Another of Obama’s remarks was comparing his bowling scores to “the Special Olympics or something.”

White House staffers knew the prez had stepped in it so immediately following the show a statement was released indicating that Obama had “in no way intended to disparage the Special Olympics . . . He thinks that the Special Olympics are a wonderful program that gives an opportunity to shine to people with disabilities from around the world.”

In contrast to what they did to his predecessor and his malaprops, the press pretty much ignored Obama’s boo-boos.

Larry King went as far as to say that Obama's bowling blooper actually helped focus attention on the Special Olympics.

Continuing on his glam tour, Obama’s scheduled stops include an interview with “60 Minutes” and a second prime time news conference in which he’ll pre-empt “American Idol” for a second time.

As far as the White House is concerned, though, there’s only one American Idol, and he’s not using his pipes in that way — yet.

At a time when broadcast TV networks’ earnings are plunging, the decision to hold another primetime event during sweeps month is infuriating television execs.

“Every time the president disrupts prime time, the networks lose another couple million dollars . . . In this economy, that's the last thing we need,” an industry insider told TV Week.

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