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PETA Pelts Sharon Stone

By James Hirsen
July 8, 2008

Sharon Stone has been known to say some foolish things. Like the time she said that bad karma is what caused millions of Chinese people to die in the recent earthquakes.

The Chinese subsequently banned her films. And Dior removed her face from its advertising.

Stone did apologize.

But PETA has seen fit to hit her when she’s at her lowest.

The animal rights group sent a letter to Stone, which offers to pay for a brain scan.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk wrote to the actress, attempting to tie her comments about the Chinese earthquake to her refusal to stop wearing fur.

There was also a nasty suggestion about Stone’s brain capacity.

"Given that millions of people were killed, injured, and left homeless by the recent earthquake in China, everyone was shocked to hear you dismiss the devastating effects of this disaster," Newkirk wrote.

“However, your cavalier attitude did not come as a surprise to us. We are used to the indifference that you flaunt and the callous remarks that you make about the suffering and death of the animals whose fur you wear so often,” Newkirk added.

The letter went on to talk about scientific studies that suggest that “the prefrontal regions of the brains of people who lack empathy might be underdeveloped.”

“Here's our offer,” the letter said. “Would you allow PETA to pay for a scan of the prefrontal region of your brain to determine if comments and actions that seem to demonstrate a lack of empathy are the result of a physical defect?”

In 2001 Stone actually suffered a brain-bleeding occurrence from which she fortunately recovered.

From now on lack of empathy should be spelled P-E-T-A.

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