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Oliver Stone Hails Hugo Chavez

By James Hirsen
January 20, 2009

Oliver Stone is quite a fancier of despots.

In the past, the filmmaker has attempted to use his talents and resources to put a softer light on Fidel Castro’s disregard for human rights.

Now Stone is making a documentary on another dictator, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

After two weeks of filming Chavez, Stone sang his praises to The Associated Press.

“There is something going on here, and it's outside the IMF, it's outside American control — that's what interests me,” he said.

Stone conducted interviews with Chavez's left-leaning allies in Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador and Bolivia; countries that are, according to Stone, participating in the region's “liberation from the United States.”

The documentary, which will be released in a few months, has not yet been given a title.

“This is what I like about Chavez,” Stone explained.

“He's a big man; he thinks big,” Stone said, claiming that Chavez is a “world-changer.”

He also had a recommendation for newly inaugurated President Barack Obama, saying that he “should meet with Chavez.”

In Hugo’s Venezuelan jail cell perhaps?

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