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Obama Calls Black Community Racist. But the More Likely Racists Are Those Who Are Defending Him.

By David Horowitz
March 18, 2008

In his speech this morning, Barack Obama said that he could not disown his white-hating, Jew-hating, America-hating Pastor Jeremiah Wright because that would be the same as disowning the black community. Imagine a white politician saying he couldn't disown David Duke because that would be disowning the white community, and you will understand how utterly Obama has unmasked himself and why he now will never be a unifying candidate that all Americans can trust. This is the end of the Obama phenomenon. It is a painfully transparent case of the racist chickens of the multicultural left coming home to roost.

Or maybe not so transparent. There are many who already are explaining Obama's failure to repudiate his racist pastor as a matter of context. American slavery, segregation and discrimination it is argued make black racism understandable. Nonsense. These excuses are really a form of racism themselves, holding that black people cannot live up to the standards that the rest of us hold ourselves to.

There is no context that would excuse black racism. Being a slave did not make Frederick Douglass a racist; living under segregationist rule did not make Martin Luther King a racist. The Jews have been the most persecuted people on earth for 2000 years yet Jews are in the forefront of every civil rights and human rights movement of our time and one would be hard put to identify a Jewish leader who is a hater of Christians or any other group that has persecuted them. We are not as a nation going to be able to put the legacy of race behind us if we perpetuate the double standard that is at the root of racism. Either we are all equal before the moral law or we are not. Either we repudiate the racists in our midst or we do not. Jeremiah Wright is a prophet of bigotry and hate. Barack Obama is a presidential candidate who will  not repudiate bigotry if it comes in a black skin. This is unacceptable. If it is not, we are in deeper trouble as a nation than we suspected. Hate breeds hate. That is a law that no context can change.

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