May 16, 2005


PFAW Way Out Of Mainstream:


The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, And The Washington Post, All Describe People For The American Way As “Liberal.” (Hilary Roxe, “Critics Say Frist Connecting With Religious Groups For Political Ends,” The Associated Press, 4/23/05; David D. Kirkpatrick and Sheryl Gay Stolberg, “Frist Is Drawing Criticism From Some Church Leaders,” The New York Times, 4/22/05; Charlie Savage, “Ad Wars Mount As Republicans Rea dy Ban On Senate Filibusters,” The Boston Globe, 4/21/05; Michael A. Fletcher, “Anti-’Activist’ Activism,” The Washington Post, 4/15/05)


PFAW Proudly Opposes Internet Porn Filters In Public Libraries. “Supported by the People for the American Way, several Loudoun County, Virginia residents and members are claiming the Loudoun County Library Board’s decision to require all Loudoun County public libraries to install Internet filtering software violates their rights under the First Amendment.” (“First Internet Censorship Case Raises Serious First Amendment Concerns,” Your School And The Law, 5/8/98)


President Of PFAW Ralph Neas: “‘Moral’ Claims Have Been Used To Try To Justify Nearly Every Form Of Discrimination Against Minority Groups ... The Court Has ... Upheld The [Boy] Scouts’ Blatantly Unfair And Unlawful Practice Of Excluding Gay Boys And Men On ‘Moral’ Grounds.” (People For the American Way, Press Release, 6/28/01)


In 2001 “PFAW Compiled And Released Creationism In 2001: A State-By-State Report, Documenting The Concerted Campaign By The Radical Right To Deny Science Teachers The Authority To Teach Their Classes The Most Authoritative Scientific Information About The Origins Of Life.” (People For The American Way Website, “People For the American Way And People For The American Way Foundation: A History,”, Accessed 7/17/04)


PFAW Called President Bush’s Tax Cuts “Reckless.”  (People For The American Way Website, “People For the American Way And People For The American Way Foundation: A History,”, Accessed 7/17/04) 


PFAW Founder Norman Lear And Way Out Of Mainstream:


“PFAW Founder Norman Lear, The Liberal Philanthropist And TV Producer …” (George Rush and Joanna Malloy, “Jacko-And-Chimp Tale,” [New York] Daily News, 3/3/05)



Founder Of PFAW Norman Lear: School Prayer Is A “Joke.” “I grew up with prayer in schools. It was a joke.  We also pledged allegiance to the flag.  But when you are six or seven, you cannot do anything by rote without finding funny ways to change it. It grows less meaningful each time. Unless you’re living in an entirely different culture with somebody behind you banging a drum at you. But that’s not America. So prayer in school was a joke.” (Thomas M. Landy, “What’s Missing From This Picture? Television Producer Norman Lear; Interview,” Commonweal, 10/9/92)


PFAW Funds Go Almost Entirely To Democrats:


Between 1998 And 2004, People For The American Way Voters Alliance Gave $478,711 (99.3%) To Democrats And $3,500 (0.7%) To Republicans.