April 2005


CAP’s Liberal Leadership:


Former Clinton Chief Of Staff John Podesta Launched “Liberal Policy Institute” Center For American Progress (CAP) “To Drive The Message For Democrats.” (Julia Malone, “Activists Race To Fill ‘Soft Money’ Gap,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 9/21/03)


The Nation: “It’s Not Completely Wrong To See [CAP] As A Shadow Government, A Kind Of Clinton White-House-In-Exile – Or A White House Staff In Readiness For President Hillary Clinton.” (Robert Dreyfuss, “An Idea Factory For The Democrats,” The Nation, 3/1/04)


·        “It Is The Official Hillary Clinton Think Tank.”  (Christian Bourge, “Analysis: Liberal Think Tank Debuts,” United Press International, 7/7/03) 


CAP’s Extreme Left Wing Funding:


George Soros Reportedly Pledged $3 Million To CAP.  (Amy Westfeldt, “Billionaire Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is – Toward Ousting Bush,” The Associated Press, 6/10/04)



Major Democrat 527 Donors Peter Lewis And Marion Sandler Sit On CAP’s Board. “For example, in 2003, Peter B. Lewis and Marion Sandler sat on the board of the Center for American Progress, a 501c3 non-profit. They are also major donors to Section 527 organizations involved in this year’s political discussions. Peter Lewis is ranked #2 in donations to 527s this cycle after giving $23.1 million. Marion Sandler and her husband are ranked #4 after giving $13 million.” (Political Money Line Website,, Accessed 11/17/04)


·        Peter Lewis, George Soros And John Sperling Have “Bankrolled The Pro-Pot Movement.” (Joel Stein, “The New Politics Of Pot; Can It Go Legit?” Time, 11/4/02)   


Sen. Robert Byrd’s (D-WV) Hypocrisy On Filibusters:


USA Today:  “Now Back In The Minority, Byrd Is The Filibuster’s Leading Defender.” (Kathy Kiely, “Senate On Brink Of ‘Nuclear’ Filibuster War,” USA Today, 4/15/05)


But As Majority Leader, Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) Initiated Four Precedent-Setting Procedures That Allowed A Simple Majority To Change Senate Procedures Without Altering The Standing Rules, Thereby Undermining Minority Rights To Filibuster And Use Related Tactics. (Sen. Robert Byrd, Congressional Record, 1977, pp. S31916-27; Sen. Robert Byrd, Congressional Record, 1980, pp. S4729-32; Sen. Robert Byrd, Congressional Record, 1979, pp. S31892-94; Sen. Robert Byrd, Congressional Record, 1987, pp. S12252-60) 


·        As Majority Leader in 1979, Senator Byrd Expressly Threatened To Use The Constitutional Option In Order To Leverage Successfully A Time Agreement On A Rules Change Resolution. “Let the Senate vote on amendments, and then vote up or down on the resolution. … If I have to be forced into a corner to try for a majority vote, I will [change the rules] because I am going to do my duty as I see my duty, whether I win or lose.” (Sen. Robert Byrd, Congressional Record, 1979, pp. S144-45)


Byrd Led The Creation Of Precedents In 1977, 1979, 1980 And 1987 To Stop Filibusters And Other Delaying Tactics Previously Allowed Under Senate Rules Or Precedents.  “Mr. Byrd led the charge to change the rules in 1977, 1979, 1980 and 1987, and, in some cases, to do precisely what Republicans are now proposing.” (Editorial, “Sen. Byrd On Filibuster-Busting,” The Washington Times, 3/7/05)