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Low Hollywood Dough for Joe

By James Hirsen
August 26, 2008

Despite his top dog spot on the Senate Judiciary Committee, where issues of interest to Hollywood frequently take center stage, the entertainment industry hasn’t treated Barack Obama’s veep pick, Joe Biden, like it typically does Dems; at least not in the way politicians care most about—money.

Even though the Delaware senator has sent Tinseltown the right signals, with his strong stance against copyright infringement a la piracy, in which he called music and movies “just as precious as any tangible property,” Biden has basically been treated like a political second fiddle.

Over his long senate career, entertainment industry contributions to him have totaled about $390,000, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Biden only managed to pull in around $187,000 for his presidential bid, which included donations from Barry Manilow and Cher (to his PAC). Donors also included former owner of MGM/UA Kirk Kerkorian, former ABC, Paramount and Fox exec Barry Diller, Fox exec Tom Rothman, TV producer and exec Tom Werner, Warner Music head Edgar Bronfman Jr., and “9 ½ Weeks” producer Sidney Kimmel.

During the 2007 Iowa caucuses, Obama’s running mate also got some campaign help from “West Wing” actor Richard Schiff.

In a weird foreshadowing of sorts, when Biden pulled the plug on his own presidential bid he noted that when compared with his competition, he’d been ignored by the media because in his words, “This is about celebrity.”

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