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Father Michael Pfleger

By Debbie Hamilton
May 30, 2008

A note to Father Michael Pfleger who ranted, and was applauded, saying:

“It’s time to move on. It’s like saying to a woman who’s been repeatedly raped over, and over, and over, and over, over, and over, … You need to get over it. The HELL I do. Get the sucker who’s been raping me and make him pay. Well America has been raping people of color and America has to pay the price. America has to pay the price for the rape. I dare you say get over it.” –Father Michael Pfleger at Trinity United Church of Christ

“Get the sucker who’s been raping me and make him pay. Yep, that’s what Father Michael Pfleger ranted at Trinity United Church of Christ. I use the term ‘Father’ lightly, because the vile hatred in his voice and his ’sermons’ equals that of Barack Hussein Obama’s other pastor and spiritual adviser of twenty years, the ‘Rev.’ Jeremiah Wright.

Father Pfleger, no one I know ever had slaves. I never had slaves. I had nothing to do with people being brought to the United States and held as slaves. I dare say that no one in your church or anyone in Trinity church ARE NOW OR HAVE EVER BEEN SLAVES. The people of color who sit in your pews will never be able to move on with people like you telling them that someone else OWES THEM SOMETHING FOR WHAT INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE DEAD AND GONE DID. Pfleger argues that whites must give up their 401(k) money in order to have any hope of atoning for the sins (The HotLine)

(YouTube video compliments of HunterandThompson)

Pfleger by the way, has been working in various aspects of Obama’s campaign, had been a financial contributor to the campaign, has been one of Obama’s spiritual advisors for OVER twenty years. He also benefited from Obama’s political position when his church received money for it’s youth program.

Typical of Obama’s earmarks was a $100,000 grant for a youth center at a Catholic church run by the Rev. Michael Pfleger, (Houston Chronicle)

A series you do not want to miss from FrontPageMagazine:

In a series that will appear in FrontPage over the next three days, Laksin explores Obama’s ties to the South Side personalities who helped propel him to power, but whose continuing – and reciprocated – friendship with the candidate raises troubling questions about his ability to forge a new political consensus, especially on the fractious issue of race. To evaluate Obama’s campaign and its grand promises, readers must first come to know the world of Chicago politics from which he emerged. To read Part I of “Obama’s World,” click here. — The Editors

Notice in this video, also from HunterandThompson at YouTube, how Rev. Otis Moss praises God for Father Michael Pfleger’s sermon. I don’t know about you, but this is offensive to me as a Christian, to see this vomit called a ’sermon’.

“The leader of Chicago’s Roman Catholic Archdiocese today sharply criticized a former adviser to Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign after the priest mocked Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) during two separate sermons on Sunday.”

Pfleger has been rebuked numerous times over his career, so I doubt he is worried about the Archdiocese criticism this time.

Father Pfleger Defends Farrakhan, Wright, and even Obama (YouTube video) in April at Trinity church.

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