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Columbia Coddles Campus Fascists

By David Horowitz
March 27, 2007

I have always said that the university administrations are complicit in the attacks on civility and academic discourse on college campuses. Now the administration at Columbia University has confirmed my view. After months of deliberation they have given a slap on the wrist to the campus fascists -- in particular the International Socialist Organization -- for its thuggery and disregard for Columbia's rules in rushing the stage to shut down a scheduled campus speech by Minuteman Jim Gilchrist. The International Socialist Organization is a group of Marxist loonies who hate America and are deluded into thinking they can set up a dictatorship of the proletariat in this country, destroying its freedoms and making it vulnerable to the Islamo-fascists they admire. I have personally been the target of their violent attacks and disruptions on numerous occasions, including at the University of Texas where an associate professor named Dana Cloud who is a member of this crackpot group had to be hauled out by campus police so I could continue with my speech. Like the Columbia vigilantes, Cloud got off unscathed. Appeasement of foreign terrorists goes along with appeasement of domestic terrorists and their fascistic allies.

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