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A Wild Idea: Becoming Porn Free
What do you call a campaign to curb pornography and booze in order to protect kids from being molested?

If the kids are black, and you’re a white liberal, you might call it “racist.”

That’s what Australian Capital Territory Minister Jon Stanhope said of Prime Minister John Howard’s recently announced aggressive campaign to halt the flow of pornography and liquor to the Aboriginal community, and to tie welfare payments to responsible behavior.

Howard had acted in the wake of the release of a 320-page government report in June entitled “Little Children Are Sacred,” which examines factors in widespread sexual abuse among Aboriginal children, including abuse by other children. Think of Lord of the Flies as written by Hustler magnate Larry Flynt instead of William Goldman.

Last week, Australian Crime Commission investigators were told that two sets of parents in Hermannsburg in the Northern Terrirtory were trading their children for sex in return for alcohol. “Free sex” leftists, not normally known for zeal in defending parental rights, might have to rethink their stance here. Okay, that was mostly in jest, but there are serious themes underlying the struggle over public morals.

To leftist politicians in many Western countries, access to porn is a sacred right. It’s also a powerful political tool in creating the type of society that needs more overseers.

C.S. Lewis once remarked that the Left’s agenda is to make pornography public and religion private. That’s because porn undermines families, while religion strengthens them. And families are the prime engine for creating citizens who are personally responsible for themselves and their loved ones. Strong families make it hard to sell the cradle-to-grave socialist society.

Without a minimally decent culture, however, families can be ripped asunder. Here’s an excerpt from “Little Children Are Sacred,” which was published by the Northern Territory Board of Inquiry into the Protection of Aboriginal Children from Sexual Abuse 2007:

"The daily diet of sexually explicit material has had a major impact, presenting young and adolescent Aboriginals with a view of mainstream sexual practice and behaviour which is jaundiced. It encourages them to act out the fantasies they see on screen or in magazines. Exposure to pornography was also blamed for the sexualised behaviour evident in quite young children.”

Here’s Howard assessing the Aborigines’ situation:

“What we have got to do is confront the fact that these communities have broken down,” he told Australia’s Seven Network in an interview about the new anti-porn campaign. “The basic elements of a civilised society don’t exist. What civilised society would allow children from a tender age to become objects of sexual abuse? What responsible Government anywhere in this country can allow that to happen within their jurisdiction?”

Here’s the response from the Australian Labor Party’s Stanhope, as reported by News Limited and Lifesite.net:

“I think by any definition of racism, this is racist. Give me an example of any racist action anywhere in the world that has ever successfully led to change.”

It couldn’t have been said better by a bootlegger railing against the Women’s Christian Temperance Union while plying Native Americans with firewater in the 1880s.

Speaking of Americans, we should be far from smug about our own pornified culture. MTV, Hollywood and sex educators in all social strata are working to make sure that the age of innocence is shrinking to only the preschool years. If you walk through any U.S. shopping mall, you’re likely to hear 11-year-olds talking openly about oral sex and the merits of particular condoms, using language banned by the FCC. A Fox News Channel investigation revealed last week that girls in hundreds of inner city American schools are being attacked and molested by lesbian gangs.

How did so many children get so sexualized and vulgarized, and why has it taken a violent turn in Western cultures? The short answer is that the Left and its media allies, using the American Civil Liberties Union, Australia’s equivalent “free speech” fanatics and liberal courts as a battering ram, have knocked down even minimal constraints necessary for a family-friendly culture. At the same time, porn merchants have carpet bombed us, softening up the culture for ever more deviant behavior.

So what are we to do? First, officials need to begin enforcing obscenity laws, in particular reining in white collar pornographers who sell it in hotels and other places. The hardcore stuff is not free speech; it’s illegal smut.

Next, parents have to insist that schools stop pushing sex and condoms on their kids in the name of AIDS education, tolerance and “safety.” The liberal campaign to destroy abstinence programs is a bid to keep the sexual revolution going no matter how many STDs, broken families, unwanted pregnancies and abortions it produces.

Finally, citizens need to support the natural family of father, mother and their kids, both biological and adopted, and to point children in single-parent families toward this ideal, rather than teaching them to accept other models in the name of “tolerance.”

This means targeting resources and a tough but compassionate message about personal responsibility to those most in need, who tend to be poor and in minority populations.

If the reaction of the Labor Party minister is any indication of fashionable leftist opinion, Americans who pursue such efforts can expect, like Prime Minister Howard, to be smeared with the “r” word.

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