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A Columbia/Barnard 'Dirty Deal'?

By Candace de Russy
National Review
August 1, 2007

Joseph Massad is a professor of in Columbia's Middle East department. According to reliable sources, "Prof. Massad has openly supported Islamist terrorism against Israel, including suicide bombings of civilians. In his class on Israeli-Palestinian politics, Massad openly engages in conspiracy theories, teaching students about the connections between Nazis, Rothchilds, international bankers, and a host of other nefarious characters.Massad has also come close to belittling, if not denying the Holocaust outright." In short, Joseph Massad is a major political embarrassment, and he [like pseudo-scholar Nadia Abu El Haj at Barnard] is up for tenure. 

Some would argue that Abu El Haj is not a major political embarrassment because she has not attracted a fraction of the attention that Massad has. So, Columbia has cut a deal with the out-going president of Barnard in which Barnard and Columbia will grant tenure to El Haj in exchange for financial backing. This money will go towards the financing of a new student center replacing MacIntosh Hall where the fundraising is not going well. This tenure, despite whatever "small" controversy will result, will give Columbia the political cover to deny tenure to Joseph Massad. The expected loss in income from horrified and furious alumnae will be compensated for by the grant from Columbia.

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